UBPC Park timeline


UBPC Park timeline (MOBILE ONLY)


Week -10

Reef Design & Construction

Some months earlier

Computer-aided design industrial methods are used for turning our ideas into 3D mesh models towards HCMR artificial habitats construction. Units were constructed in IMBBC land premises in Gournes, Crete.

Week -1

Selection of deployment positions

Some days before reef launching on the seabed

After a detailed mapping of the seabed of the selected UBPCrete research plot, we assess the exact positions for installing the artificial habitat units. This place will soon turn in to a small recreation oasis for divers.

Week 0

Reefs Deployment

Launch Day

The artificial habitat units have been successfully placed into the selected positions and the countdown for the settlement of benthic and benthopelagic organisms has started.

Week 1

First school of Damselfish arrives

One week after deployment

Only 7 days after deployment, the first individuals of small Chromis chromis found their way to the reefs.

Week 3

First Serranidae appear

Third Week after deployment

The first large individuals of groupers (family Serranidae) are attracted to the site. Goldblotch groupers occupy the large cavities of the artificial reef units.

Week 6

First Sparidae nest

Six weeks after deployment

The first members of the family Sparidae, (White seabream, Diplodus sargus sargus), discover the vertical crevices of the deployed structures and enjoy their new home!

Week 7

First Dusky grouper settlement

Seven weeks after deployment

The first pair of the grouper Epinephelus marginatus, has appeared in less than two months. This was a real surprise

Week 8

First pelagic hunters

Eight weeks after deployment

The first large school of Greater amberjack (Seriola dumerilii) appears, giving to our scientific diving team one of the most exciting memento of their underwater life!

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